Girl went from kissing me to saying she kissed me as a friend?

So I went out with this girl 4 times. On the 4th time she kissed me... other people were around so I didn't' get to make out with her properly. We kissed when we said goodbye... she lives in Croatia I live in the USA... we are both Croatian though... we texted for a month straight before it just turned off.

Ok I am not interested in people saying "forget her", "move on" blah blah blah I get this... What I am interested in is how to turn that switch back on because something happened. And if someone has successfully changed a girls mind how did you do it?


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  • Did she kiss you on the lips? If yes, she's an idiot for claiming that she kissed you as a friend. She obviously changed her mind.

    • Yes she did and this comment isn't helpful.

    • You cannot make someone change their minds. That's only up to them.

    • Your aren't helpful... and you seem angry

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  • So she's basically lost interest. The problem when they start losing interest is it gets worse and worse and if you don't detect it early and act on it, it's very difficult to fix. Common things that make a girl lose interest in you are that you're too predictable, too available, lack confidence or drive etc etc... Basically she had an idea of who she thought you were and you didn't live up to that. Once you've got to this stage, the only way to give yourself a chance of recovering is to do nothing. Don't initiate any contact with her, you've got to give her a chance to miss you.. If you do that, she may come back. But never message her until she comes back, that will just make it worse.

    • Well I definitely backed off... something killed it... I am going to Croatia for a 9 days for Thanksgiving so the goal is to get her out when I am there... that's my only shot... in the meantime I am keeping some kind of contact so not to let her forget about me... this is definitely a long shot... but I have to try... her personality is too good to pass up she isn't the kind to throw away...

    • I went to Croatia... and she said we are friends... when I got home... she told me everything saying nothing happened but she saw I wanted something she couldn't give me... a relationship. She says I am too old for her but she liked me right away and still does. So I went back to Croatia and hung out with her everyday for two weeks... and then she was going to nyc to visit her cousins and I bought the ticket on the flight next to her and didn't tell her but surprised her at the airport in Germany. She was starting to show emotion to me specially after she saw me at the airport. Flight was half good half bad she was watchign tv and shit. Then in nyc she was supposed to say goodbye and then she "couldn't". Then after that I got needy and really lowered my value I tried to come back and see her but she said no she doesn't want to be rude and is busy. This girl is cold. So I went back to Croatia now and didn't contact her but she contacted me and said she can't hang out school/ski trip.