Is he playing with me or did I offended him?


I’m talking to a guy for 3 months know and we really like chatting each other. We texted all day long until late night. He is honestly not my physical type at all but we have a really good connexion.

However there are several point that give me so much confusion :

- When i stopped talking to him either because we fight over a discussion or because he took to much time to answer, so I assumed that he was not interested. He always PURSUED me until I get back to him

- He flirt with me a lot but I recently found that he has got a girlfriend

- When I found out he had a girlfriend, I had a big clash with him and told him that he is childish and he needs to act like a man. He was really offended and blocked me from social media. I thought he will never come back to me again but after 1 month he came back

- We spoke as before, i like talking to him we are always teasing each other etc.
Yesterday we talked about our similar physical taste the opposite sex, i send him so pics of random girls to find out what he likes and he loves and he he loved which is the complete opposite of me. I told him okay so now you send me pics of guys I’ll tell you what I like. He did not agree with that and sent me pics of him, I told him that he was not my type ( as he did before) and that he was ugly. Remember that is common I always say this and so he does about me because we tease each other a lot. Now he stopped talking to me or more precisely take ages to answer about 1 day. He recently answered really quick all day long even if he is busy.

I want to know, about the last point, if you think he take ages to answer because he has been offended when I told him he was not my type and ugly or he is just not interested talking to me?

In general, the fact that he makes me feel liked and wanted because he keep pursuing me and flirting with me but has a girlfriend makes me wonder what should I understand?

If someone can give his opinion please please it would be a real relief

Thanks a lot


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  • I don't know why you are messing with a guy that has already a girlfriend. A guy that has a girlfriend, and his cheating on her, will definitely cheat on you. So don't be flattered, cheating on his girlfriend cause he likes you more than her. Its quiet possible just using for a shag, once get he gets that, your in the skip, and he will go back to his girlfriend.
    The saying goes, If a person cheats with you, they will definitely on you.

    A guy like him should be sending you red flags immediately, and should be ending the relationship with him, and find a guy who is single.

    I think you are asking for trouble, messing with a another girls man. If trouble does come your way, don't surprised.

    • Some young people complain about these things, but you are an example of not seeing the red flags beforehand. like this guy, he has a girlfriend, but cheating on her with you. Then something will happen with you, and will cheap on you, and then you wonder why cheated on you.
      All because you flattered about cheating on his girlfriend for you. I think you young lady, need to start getting your priorities straight, with your standards and morals. Sorry for having a go at you, but I am saying for your own good. You need to wake up, before you get hurt.

    • Frankly speaking I'm usually high values and as I explained I had the fight with him about the fact that he has a girlfriend and keep flirting with me. After this I told him " You have a girl friend, Right? So take care of her and go away from me you need to become a man you're an asshole" So he got offended and I thought he will never come back to me since he blocked me from social media. One month after that he came back. The reason why I answered it's because we really have the same connexion we are similar in everything except he don't find me particularly attractive nor do I. But I like him I can't help and God knows how much I have respect for his girlfriend and myself but the way he acts makes me feel he likes me but as he never saw me yet he can't take a decision. It could not be for fucking because he knows my values and the fact that I don't do it before marriage. He came back again today after 1 day without answering my text what should I do? Do you advice me to block him?

  • He was probably offended.


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  • I don't understand why you're contacting a guy whom you already know he has a girlfriend.

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