Girls, if a guy has a beard would it make you less likely to want to kiss him?

I've been growing my beard for about 2 months now and I've kept it trimmed around the edges and make sure that it looks clean. But I've been thinking about shaving it or trimming it short because the past couple dates I've been on the girls have not acted like the wanted to kiss or be intimate. Just a coincidence or do you think it's because of the beard?

  • Yes it matters. I don't like kissing guys with beards.
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  • No it doesn't matter.
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  • I really don't like beards. It's just my personal preference, though. Most of my friends love beards. I see it's been a trend for awhile, at least where I live. Every second guy has a beard, and most of them have like a really big and long beards. I'm so sad about it. :( I just can't help it that I don't like it. No matter how attractive or good the guy is, if he is fat or has a beard I would never date him.

  • LESS likely? Are you kidding? I have super sensitive skin and beards burn me all the time, I still go for them like crazy. I don't care if I have to rub Bepantol on my mouth area for the next 3 days. They're just the most beautiful thing in the world.

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