Dating for Fun?

I've liked the same girl for the past year, and still very much do. However, I'm wondering if I should give up or take a break from her. During this year I've been chasing her around, a number of other attractive, fun girls have chased me, but I've ignored them because I'm so into this other girl. Should I take a break and go out with other girls just for fun, or continue pursuing this girl I really like? Will going out with someone else damage any feelings the girl already has for me?


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  • This is a choice you need to make. If you start dating others, you may lose the girl you've been chasing. Then again, you may not... if she sees that you've lost interest in her it may get her attention. To help make your decision, ask yourself if you are prepared to lose her... because that is a big possibility.


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  • If you're still "pursuing" a girl after a year, then you're wasting your time.

    Only date girls who are open to being caught, not using you for the attention you give them.

    I suggest experiencing the other side of the equation for a while... let some girls chase you for a while. No need to get married just yet.

    ~ Robby

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