What are your standards for people you date?

Mine are:

- He needs to behave like a gentleman (i. e. opening doors, treating women respectfully, helping to carry heavy stuff, etc.)
- He needs to be genuinely kind to both myself and others
- He can't think he has the upper hand in the relationship just because he's the guy... we're equals
- He has to take care of himself (by this all I mean is clean clothes, nails trimmed, shaved, showers, keeps hair fairly neat, uses deodorant... bonus if he smells good, and I don't care about muscle and all that stuff... this is only personal hygiene I'm really concerned with)
- He has to like dogs
- He has to respect that I'm gonna have a career even if we marry... I'm not gonna be a housewife
- He has to use classy language (all I mean is don't curse every other sentence or use constant slang)

I have found a guy who meets this criteria so I feel accomplished:) What about you?

Oh and I forgot to add that he can't expect sex within the first 6 months or try to act like he's entitled to sex whenever he wants... it's a two way activity


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  • Mine are: open minded, honest, trustworthy, adventurous, loves the outdoors, somewhat athletic, and can carry a conversation. It is all subjective because you may or may not ever find the person who exactly fits every single criteria so it's important to know which mean the most and which you can compromise


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  • What are your standards for people you date?
    Hot (I am not dating anyone I am not physically attracted to unless it is a kissless and sexless relationship)

    Amazing in bed (I am not having shitty or mediocre sex if I am not orgasming Everytime via penetration it is done)

    Feminist (I am not a feminist but I find male feminists tend to generally not be bitter, resentful, angry, sexist, or misogynistic towards gals unlike non feminist/antifeminist guys. Plus I find male feminists tend to actually be responsible and accountable for their behavior rather than blame gals for his actions/words. As well as I find male feminists tend to have the same standards for themselves as they want in a partner rather than be selfish entitled hypocrites looking for the upperhand)


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  • - Should be attractive enough for me to want to have sex with them (my standards aren't unreasonably high)
    - Able to carry on an intelligent conversation about a variety of things.
    - A nice person all around. Not a pushover or someone only nice when it benefits them, but a positive, nonjudgmental person.
    - Active to some extent. In shape and enjoys the outdoors.

  • -loyal when in a relationship
    -have some sort of ambition whether it's career or school oriented
    -no baggage
    -independent and is respectful of people's hobbies and friends outside of dating
    -open minded
    -have at least some common interests
    -At least 5'2 in height as I'm 6'2
    -Be at least somewhat physically attractive

  • Attractive and I don't have a ridiculous standard for attractive.
    Smart if you give me a blank stare like nobody is home it's not going to work.
    Nice don't be rude to people for no reason.

  • Average or better looking, about average weight or slightly over weight, average boobs, average personality, works an average job...

    You'd be amazed how difficult it is to just find a plain, average woman.

  • Shee needs to be:
    - A curious person
    - Taste for adventure and exploration
    - Cute face (skinny or chubby body)
    - Care about society and people
    - Proactive about her dreams / ambitions
    - Care about health (eating ok, at least)

    • She may get a special marriage card :p if she's also into stuff like:

      Science / tecnology and social development
      Astronomy / space sciences
      Music play / music composition
      Movies and series production

  • - Shorter than 5'5. I'm 5'9 and that would allow her to still wear heels.
    - Obviously she has to be attractive with a decent backside
    - She has to be active/work out moderately
    - She has to be able to cook (I'm from the south so that's very important)
    - She can't be a total airhead, I have a IQ of around 150 so I think its rightly desirable to have someone that can hold a conversation about higher level topics.
    - She has to be nice and respectful
    - No single mothers

  • I'd say your standards are more than reasonable. My standards are very similar for women. I'll add sex after one month, no exceptions. No kids and damn sure no contact with ex bf's. I don't tolerate that.

  • I don't really have a set type. As long as she isn't a jihadi feminist, I can work with it

  • It's either my way or the highway... Your bullshit career would be a problem!

  • Your education level has to be equal to mine or greater.
    Your salary has to be within $20,000 of mine at the low end or greater.


  • 50 points possible

    Necessary: 2 points
    - The same religion
    - The same political party
    - Healthy breasts (for healthy children)
    - Birthing hips (for healthy children)
    - No major health issues, both current or past
    - Intelligent
    - Focused
    - Standard height (5'-5'8")
    - Motherly
    - Musical
    - Good sense of humor
    - Likes animals
    - Has similar interests to me or at least will humor me
    - Ok eyesight (glasses are thin at the most)
    - Attentive
    - Behaves well
    - Ok with A LOT of physical contact
    - Likes to learn
    - Good at cooking or at least can help me cook. (I can cook if she can't but she needs to help)
    - Can keep things clean. I can help if she needs.

    Preferred: 1 point
    - speaks both Spanish and English
    - Fan of something that I would find interesting (but not obsessed)
    - Has interests other than mine
    - Knows how to introduce me to her interests and friends, but won't get mad if I don't like them.
    - Enjoys the outdoors.
    - Good-looking
    - Grooms sensibly (not overly obsessed with her own appearance, but keeps herself presentable)
    - Likes to read
    - Ok with "romantic activities" but doesn't actively expect it (disregard when one of us isn't in the mood).
    - Good kisser

    • Most of these are easy to hit and I'm accepting of 35 points or higher, but if you can reach 45 I will love you forever.

  • Daaamn almost every girl here wants the same guy😂

  • He sounds boring


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  • - have a job & be self sufficient
    - have a licence
    - wants children
    - is kind to animals
    - has like minded life goals
    - doesn't do drugs

  • My list was once as long as Santa Claus' list of presents to deliver on X-mas, but as I'm getting older I'm becoming less picky/care about different things. My current standards:
    -Confident but not cocky
    -Smart but not so smart that I can't keep up
    -Positive - because I'm oftentimes negative
    -Chill - because I freak out about everything
    -Drive a nice car - because I hate public transportation in this city/a guy with a nice car is simply hot
    -Have a passion/passions he's focused on in life
    -Likes to travel like me
    -Likes the same food as me - I did not realize how important this was until now

    • I love the food one! Food is definitely important to me and my boyfriend as well but luckily we like the same things

    • Yeah, I really didn't realize how important liking the same food is until recently.

  • He should be quite smart, because I am pretty bright as well and like to have complex conversations.
    He should have a similar sence of humor to mine.
    He should be affectionate, I like to know I'm loved.
    He should be able to accept my imperfections non-judgementally. By that I don't mean that he agrees with everything I say and doesn't criticize me, but rather that he does it in a sensitive way.
    This is not a must, but having similar interest or a similar taste in movies is always a good thing.
    I need to be physically attracted to him, I don't have some super high standards but I can#t be with someone I consider ugly.
    I enjoy a lot of sex and would expect the same thing from my partner.

  • Similar morals and values as myself.
    Reliable and affectionate
    Sense of humour
    Honest and open about himself , his life and his feelings
    Respectful towards others

  • I don't have a specific type. I used to have lots of standards and preferences but the heart wants what it wants at the end of the day:))

  • I don't ask much..(I think at least):
    •Show me that he loves me, not just saying cause sometimes words are just words
    •Be proud of me, not embarrassed and try to avoid social contact when we are together outside
    •Don't think he's something more or better than me, just cuz he's a guy
    •Of course be presentable (I mean he takes shower and stuff) and care for his appearance but not be a narcissist (thats a biiig turn off for me:/)
    •Be kind to me and respect me
    •Know that I can trust him

    • +I would love it if he's a gamer.. (Of course don't forget about me while he's playin..) Cuz why not to? I am a gamer myself

  • - good manners/courteous
    - intellectual
    - physically attractive
    - healthy lifestyle
    - physically active
    - ambitious
    - communicative
    - hygienic
    - independent
    - sense for fashion/style
    - open minded/tolerant
    - modern/liberal
    - preferably atheist or agnostic
    - kind to other animals

    In no particular order

  • Just don't be a fuckboy, that's literally it

  • -taller than 5'10"
    -positive energy (I can't stand on complainers, depressing people)
    -knows what he wants in his life, passionate, ambitious
    -language (like you stated)
    -taking care of himself (hygiene and stuffs like you stated)

  • Confident (soooo important, not only look wise).

  • -Ambitious
    -Can drive/has car (was a taxi in last relationship, so yes... it is important to me)

  • Funny, good sense of humour, good in bed, enjoys sex, smart, kind, must like animals. That's all I ask.

  • People said that I am into a stand up guy
    So I guess that s sort off true
    Plus he needs to be active and extra points if he s artsy

  • a nice/honest/loyal guy that respects and loves me... am not asking more than that

  • Has a goal for the future
    No children and doesn't want them
    Wants marriage
    Generally good hygiene
    Is ok with animals
    Doesn't live down the gym
    No illegal drugs

  • he must be smart

  • I don't have a type but personally, he has to be my height or taller, has to be confident, has to genuinely care for me, has to have a sense of humor, has o be loyal, has to be fun, and I need to be able to joke with them and have serious conversations.

  • Not too bothered as I change and everyone else is different:
    -A similar sense of humour to me
    -Around 5"9 height
    -Respects my music tastes
    -Is a genuine and honest person

    • What exactly are your musical tastes. Given your age, I'm almost afraid to ask.

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    • Agreed! Enya did well with autotune also. But these days autotune just covers up for bad songwriting and hackneyed musicianship...

    • @castratedwhiteguy agreed I can listen and tolerate some songs, since I have friends who listen to all the biggest hits. But anything in the last 6 years has nearly all been bad.

  • Makes me laugh
    Has goals in life
    Healthy/works out
    Attractive to me

  • he must like me and i must like him

  • -funny
    -good opinions

  • Fit
    5'8 and up
    Nice teeth
    Has a good job or is in college
    doesn't play video games in his moms basement
    Doesn't cum in 3.5-5 minutes
    Doesn't take life too seriously

    • An ambitious guy always takes life seriously otherwise won't achieve much

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    • @mits777 Can you learn how to speak properly? I don't like heavy people, I like people who know how it laugh and take things easy. Simple. I know lots of ambitious successful people like that.

    • I am on mobile and on the move lazy write well. Ok what you meant makes sense I implied smth else by dont take life seriously

  • Equal? Yea right with that list

  • Treat me well.
    Treat others well.
    Have excellent manners. Further than just pleases and thank yous.
    Have drive.
    Good work ethic.
    Support me, and not pretend he's to strong for me to support him.
    Have ambition, real ambition, not just always talking about what he's going to do.
    Be able to talk, without talking over others and able to get his point across well.
    Easy going.
    He can act like a gentleman outside, but fuck me like he just got outta jail inside.