Do Girls Date Nerdy Guys?

I like nerdy subjects like astrophysics and I am absolutely fascinated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Kral Sagan, Rich Dawkins, Sam and others. Are there girls who find these subjects and how to find them?


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  • Every girl has a different type of man they want - a few of my friends are into the nerdy types, whereas a lot of them aren't


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  • This is a silly question. Women love nerdy guys, especially because they seem "safer" as in they feel that they're less likely to play them. This puts you in a great position to nail lots and lots of very attractive women. You just need to take some initiative and seek out dates.


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  • i love astro-physics but you're describing people who don't even follow the their own logic when speaking and are more media figure-heads than anything else.

    I'm always down to talk the theory of relativity but jfc.

    • I also like Tesla, Neumann, Nash and others. Media figures are mentioned for ease and you get the idea. Following logic or not who is perfect but I find most of their arguments plausible. I like the idea of thinking that material of stars and human body are common set and that is a reason hwy Neil thinks we are not special but I disagree. That does not make me dislike the man though. Relativity anytime. Special relativity sometimes.

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  • Honestly in my opinion it's not about being nerdy, you just have to be attractive both inside and out to "said person". The whole nerdyness is just additional points like being outgoing, funny, smart etc.

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