Would you consider dating a girl you hooked up with on tinder?

I met a guy on tinder and I think I want to ask him out.
We exchanged numbers and talked about everything but never had any sexual conversation with him. We texted eachother only for about a day or two before we decided to meet up. Had dinner with him, went to a bar after, one thing lead to another.
Basically had sex with him the first night we met.
He went away for a week on a short trip out in the countryside and when he came back, we met again. Had lunch and ended up having sex after.
He's a very busy guy. Now he's out of the country for work and we haven't talked to eachother in weeks.
I know how infamous tinder is for hookups but I think he's a really nice guy. Never bothered him too often so I wouldn't look needy.
I'm always the first one to initiate contact so I know I'm more interested in him than he is in me. But he always responds positively to my texts. He hasn't blocked me on whatsapp and we're still matched on tinder.
I don't him I left him any bad inpression of me.
If I ask him out, do you think he would consider giving me a shot?


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What Guys Said 1

  • The way I see it is like this. I'd say a lot of men secure sex by securing a relationship, and women secure a relationship via the mans need to secure sex.

    In this hookup culture, men (and some women) are now able to secure sex without securing a relationship because so many are casual about it.

    Given this, it is likely you will find he sees no reason to date you but I could be wrong.


What Girls Said 2

  • maybe or maybe not... its all up to him

  • Him traveling a lot doesn't bother me but what does is that you haven't talked to eachother in weeks.
    If he hasn't reached out to you in weeks, and you ALWAYS initiate contact.. he's not interested.
    He hasn't blocked you, he responds to you positively, because,, why not? You are a cool hookup. Why would he treat you wrong when he could keep you as a safe back up.

    Honestly it looks like your guy doesn't want more than hookup relationship. If you ask him out he's going to be either 'cool let's see how it goes' Or 'No I don't want a relationship now'

    If he says first, he likes you so it's all good.
    If he says second, you know what he thinks of you. You know you're wasting your time on a wrong guy.

    Just give a shot. There's nothing really for you to lose. If he doesn't see you more than a hookup it's his loss not yours. You deserve better.

    • Thanks for your honest opinion. I appreciate it.
      Like I said, I already know I'm more interested in him than he is in me. I think I like this guy so I don't mind initiating contact. He has never talked about sex in our conversations. We text about random things for hours so I'd say he's a pretty decent guy.
      Really, I'm not desperate. I just want to know if it's worth the shot.