This girl apparently likes me, but she doesn't text first?

This girl asked me out a few days ago and I accepted, we are in the same highschool but we didn't know eachother. We talked a lot. suprisingly I can't even remember whether I had such a long conversation with any other person the first time I met them before. My bff said that he heard from a mutual friend that she likes me.

The problem is that I initiated text two times until now after we had the date but she never initiated it by herself. Is that a sign of her being less interested than I thought?


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  • I always assume people who don't intiate contact with me , feel indifferent towards me. I assume I'm never on their mind so eventually I just distance myself.

    I'd feel a nuisance if I was always messaging first. I'd feel they were only responding out of politeness. So I'd stop meassaging them

    • I understand how you feel, sadly. :(

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    • She asked me out through a mutual friend, but she doesn't look shy in general anyway. If she doesn't notice I'll just forget about this whole thing.

    • Yes, never hold onto anyone who lets you go, or isn't upfront with you. You deserve a girl who's reliable and shows a genuine interest in you

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  • No you're probably just over thinking things and since you're both in highschool I'm assuming she's trying not to come off as being clingy.

    • I don't want to be clingy either

    • You're not being clingy by texting her that's just your though process because you're still a kid haha. Just talk to her and go out.

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  • ... After we had the date...
    I am Wondering as I sit Here, dear, just How this 'Date' Went?
    Try and Have a Talk with her. I See Some Certain Raised Red flags.
    Good luck. xx

    • I would say it went good. We talked for about 2 hours and we would have probably stayed more if it wasn't late. I noticed that she played with her hair and touched her necklace and lips a lot. She even invited me to her house sometime. After I dropped her home she asked for a hug.

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    • Thanks for the advice :) I asked her at the end of that date if she wants to hang out again and she said yes

    • Great, well, keep that in mind and where next date will be. Happy to help. xx

  • Well she may just not be a keen texter, or she may have had technical difficulties with sending text messages, or simply she may want to 'play it cool' if you want you can tell her how you feel, and ask if she feels the same. Another thing I use to do (when my boyfriend is busy and I want him) is not text for ages, and see if they reply with something like 'where are you'. Then you know they are into you

    • She is always active and when we texted she actually asked me many questions. I guess I'll wait for her to message me next time. Your example at the end is a very good one.

    • Well good luck 😊

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