3 guys like me?

So I'm a 14 year old girl and I live outside North, South or Central America. As the title says, there are three guys that like me as in love.
There is a 17 year old, which I have feelings for since I was 11 (I met him in November 2013 and started feeling for him that month). He loves football and food mainly. He never had a girlfriend but once crushed on a girl he asked out but she [thankfully] refused.
There also is a 16 year old one. Who had two girlfriends. One when he was younger, I mean when he was like 13. And one he started dating at age 15 and they lasted for a year but the broke up in Mid-September. He said "I really like you. I wished you lived closer." He is an online friend in Philadelphia with who I Skype.
Finally, there is a 15 year old one, who *recently* might have feelings for me (will explain) that lives in New Jersey. Yes, we Skype too. He is an online friend too. We met each other through an instagram gamer community. Yesterday he claimed having a wet dream about me. He also tells me Good night. I view him as between a crush and brother.
what can I do?


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  • If you wanna date one of them date the one your gut tells you too and the one you would hate to loose the most


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  • Nothing your too young to be dealing with guys who don't even live in your country. The 17 yr old night be the exception, but in a year he'll be 18 and I have no idea what the laws are in your country with dating minors. Are your parents aware of this and okay with it?

    • We live somewhere where a minor can date a legal. So yes, my parents are alright with me dating the 17 yr old which I love deeply

    • Well unless the guys from the U. S. plan to live in your country, your only down to one choice.

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