Why is liking someone early on considered a bad thing?

One thing I don't understand is that if you like someone a lot early on and feel a strong connection, it seems like it's more of a bad thing than a good thing. Why is that?

And by like i mean literally like, not love. I mean it doesn't happen to me that often but if someone blows you away and you like them, why should you feel bad about it and have to repress it?

I mean you don't have to act overzealous about it and tell someone you like them repeatedly. But it seems like a mind game where if we like someone naturally, the other person is automatically in power, might pick up on it and then go the other way.

I just never understood it.


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  • I know what you mean, it's like you can't show it or they think you're annoying or clingy and now they have the power and then you lose them, it's like a game, so I try not to act like that when I really like them by not talking to much and keep a mystery about me to keep them wondering

    • I hate playing games.

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    • Yeah they have a radio show that deals with that so the guy or girl may get a second chance when the radio show calls the date that just stop returning calls but answers the radio shows call and the other person finds out what went wrong and sometimes gets a second chance

    • Yeah I don't think I'd do that. Id either let the girl come to me again or if I ran into her, see what happens from there.

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  • Becouse you can loose yourself in them. That was at least my experience.

    • Yeah most definitely. There was a girl I was seeing who I ended up liking early on who I had a ton in common with. Unfortunately she was on the rebound and even though I was aware and took it slow, it still ended really shitty.

  • I totally agree, I tend to know what I like and what I want, so I usually fancy a guy straight away.

    It's quite rare for me to fancy someone, as I'm quite picky.

    • Yeah it rarely happens to me, but when it does it kinda scares me because it makes me worry about coming off overly interested.

    • Me too, I try my best to play it cool, but maybe they can just tell.

    • Yeah and it's like you don't have to say or do anything, they can just tell by body language somehow even if you aren't suffocating them or being overzealous and still get turned off then flake.

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  • I guess just like men sometimes lose attraction towards women who are easy with their bodies, women sometimes lose attraction towards men who are easy with their emotions.

    • Yeah the whole women are gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment. Like if a girl gives sex out easily, she must do it with a lot or if a guy commits early on, he must be desperate and just wanting a relationship with anyone.

      Not that it's always the case but that's the general assumption.

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