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so i met this guy from tinder and he's an exchange student from somewhere far from my place but we've been out for five times now and i dont even know that it was a date or not but whenever i met him i always happy and had a great time, he's a gentlement, he definitely know how to treat a girl and he doesn't mind to help me finish the food whenever i feel full altho we only just know each other, he was also there when i need someone the most, but the thing is we suck on text like we always run out of topic but whenever we met we always have something interesting to talk.. and im not so sure that he's into me, he might be alone and using me only as a company, i mean we both already kissed and the last date before he leave, he kissed me on forehead and i dont know what that means.. and deep inside i know that i have to let him go eventually but its hard for me cause i never met anyone like him before.. so what do you think?
1. is he really into me or he just using me?
2. should i continue to seeing him or just move on?
i mean sometimes im thinking that while he still in here why not to spend a lot of time before its too late and i will regret it but its gonna be hard for me to move on cause im pretty sure that i will have precious my memories with him..
anyway he's leaving soon in 2months :(
and i actually really like him so much :(


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  • You need to have a discussion with him in order to see what exactly he wants from you. If you're asking me, I think he's into you since he didn't try to do anything sexual towards you during the first date, but that also might be an act.

  • He is not interested

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