Texts to get out of a bad date?

So it wasn't 5 minutes into our date and this girl shows me her phone showing me that her friend sent her a text saying her dad had a heart attack. I was expecting her to make up an excuse and say she has to go. bla bla bla, but she didn't! Now I've had this happen before where a girl will have her mom call saying their was a family emergency 15 minutes into the date. Now I'm starting to wonder how common this is? Was this her excuse to get out of a date in case she didn't like me right off the bat? I'm about to go get me a lottery ticket, because two girls in a row... c'mon. The first girl ran like the wind, this one stuck around for a couple hours, so I take it she had a great time :)


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  • You're probably doing something terribly wrong if 2 girls had to use that excuse.

  • Just tell her the truth.

    • What truth? I'm just wondering if that was her potential excuse she was planning on using, but decided not to.

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