Dating aps, anything happen to you or have you done this?

So this guy liked me on tinder. He asked for my number and texted me nonstop for days. made it very clear he liked me thought i was beautiful and nice. yada yada. into that next week He messaged me goodmoring like normal, but he started getting busy with work. i reached out later that day and he texted back when he was free that night. acted really excited to talk to me and send pics. said im pretty even with making silly faces and then he just sorta stopped. and he unmatched me on the ap. I tried a conversation once since and we talked. I told him to have a good day after a few texts and he sent me two more texts right after. seeming like he cared. I've never had such an easy convo with someone. it was really natural flow. I enoyed it and i know i didn't say anything that turned him off and i wasn't too clingy. if anything he was. I'm just confused on wtf happened. maybe he found someone more interesting? I dont know, but some of my friends have told me they tried texting me and i didn't get their texts so maybe he thinks i ignored him... I don't know im fine if nothing happens with this guy, but it bothers me cuz he seemed so into me and i've never had such a natural conversation like that. i dont want to just say hey wtf happened to you why'd you drop intrest out of nowhere? no thats dumb, but in the back of my mind i wonder if i just didn't get his messages cuz of my phone being dumb. Its been several days now though.
like this guy said really corny stuff and if i didn't reply quickly he didn't spam me hello, hey, whats up... no he would wait and one time i didn't get his messgae so he sent it a corny cute where are you. he initiated, said goodmornings and goodnights, talked about serious stuff, talked about sexy stuff.
any thoughts?


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  • Yes, I got AIDS from a dating app. Which is weird because I only downloaded the app and never actually used it.


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  • I have a lot of experience on dating apps. things like that happen all the time. maybe you didn't meet him quick enough, maybe he started talking to someone new or hotter or closer. sometimes I talk to guys for a few days just to see they're personality. if I don't like them, or find them annoying or they never make plans (and follow thru) to meet me, then I stop responding. no big deal bc it's a dating app and not like your in a relationship or even know each other. it's typical

    • thats it though like I've used other aps before and we hadn't gotten to making meeting plans yet he was out of town the fist weekend and then i had to work the next. i dont think i came across as annoying cuz he was more clingy by far. we had a nice dialog. but yea i guess maybe there was just someone else he started talking to that pushed me out. just annoying cuz he was at the top of the people i was talking to

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    • no but keep looking. he may even text again in a few days or even a few weeks. if not, whatever. you'll meet someone else on there. this guy from a dating site that I talked to but never met in person way back from March just sent me a fb friend request and asked when we could meet. accepted his friend request but told him, "you were playing around bsing, I have a boyfriend now. no we can't be friends with benefits, I don't even kno you"

    • oh wow! yea I've been talking to one of the other guys a lot more now so i think we may meet soon.. this guys was just ugh and it really came out of nowhere he said he could really tell that im a good person like we got into more serious conversations somehow and he just oogled over pics we exchanged (not naughty ones even just selfies while at work, like snapchatting, but he never added me on that) said really corny stuff that im not usually attracted to. oh well i suppose i should get use to rejectiion since im getting more into the dating apps now. i was wondering if this is a normal thing and how people go about it i guess.