Girl chooses to not give me a chance, what should I do?

So I've been in love with this girl for a while now, probably a couple months. She got out of a relationship with a bad breakup about a month ago and a few weeks after her breakup. She found out I was in love with her. She attempted to have something with me, both times ending in her not being ready for a relationship. She decided she needed some time and space before being close to anyone again. She's telling me to move on but I'm so in love with her and want to wait. Problem is she keeps saying she won't give me a chance, when her brother says she talks about me all the time and she's just worried of being hurt again. I don't know what to do, she means so much to me and I'd give anything just for a chance with her. Anything that anyone could say would be beneficial, I honestly need help.


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  • You should move on. She doesn't want you. She made that clear.


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  • I'd say, "I see now is a bad time. It's not fair for me to wait and ply
    second best to your ex. I don't do that for anyone. Call me if things change. Otherwise, have a nice life". Then walk away and pay no attention at all to her. There are too many single, hot women who aren't fucked up in the head.

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