I REALLY like this guy. What are your thoughts?

I started seeing him over 2 years ago in college. He lived at home while I lived on campus and would drive down to see me every week, and just broken up with his girlfriend of 3 years. It started out purely sexual relationship but we became friends along the way. I had always really liked him but never said anything.

After year he started being inconsistent. I was never initiating much, so whenever he stopped calling we stopped hanging out. After a few months he came back asking how I've been. He told me he had feelings for me and wanted it to be something more. He wrote me paragraphs about how he felt and asked if he could see me again. But when he came over that night I got really sensitive over some jokes he made. He wasn't being understanding, told me I was crazy for it, started fighting and how I I was seeing a new guy that treated me better than he was and he stormed off. I stopped hearing from him for 6 months.

Then out of the blue I hear from him, again. He cut to the chase that he's been kicking himself for months, finally got the courage to message regretting messing up a good thing, if I had it in me to give him that chance. He told me his ex girlfriend was still in his life and had a hard time moving on because he still loved her at the time. He said I was a special person and can't picture me not being in his life. I told him I now moved back home after graduating and now an hour away. He drove the hour to come visit me.

I asked him if he was looking for a relationship.. he said I don't know. He works at a gym and I know a lot of girls like him, and he knows I've been seeing other men. We both really like eachother and I agreed that if we lived close to one another things would be different. Since then every couple of weeks we have been seeing each other and he talks a lot about what he wants in a girl. And always have amazing sex. I really like this guy but I'm not sure if we're ready to be in a commitment, and if he feels the same. Sorry this was so long!!


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  • It sounds like it could be the start of a relationship, but you guys have to talk and exude together if a relationship is right for you guys because if he remains unsure then it may never move past the stage where you guys are at now


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  • He wants you as a side-chick in case the thing he has with his ex girlfriend fails. I think you should move on. You're wasting your time.

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