Short girls who are whining about?

I see many girls whining about our height preferences and not being tall enough for us. That is because of their laziness, they dont want to work out for growing taller and want us to accept them with their short height. That is not fair actually, I dont like laziness and if I am tall, I am right to require my girlfriend to be tall too.


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  • ?
    Height is decided genetically?
    Even if you do lengthening exercises like ballet you'll grow 5 cm, max. Just shut up and let them complain. You are complaining right now.


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  • Women just don't like men having standards. They must have standards and control all of dating/relationship which is exactly what they want.

    1. Men have preference. shame them.

    2. Women have preference it is to be encourage.

    3. Man rejects girl he is shallow.

    4. Woman rejects guy it was because he was a creep or something was wrong with his character.

    5. Man cheats and he is a piece of shit.

    6. Woman cheats and her man drove he to i.

    7. Guy breaks up with girl and he is bad guy.

    8. Girl breaks up with guy and it's understandable that things just didn't work out.

    9. Guy cuts his losses when he does not want to play female game of you need to do X, Y, Z before i give you sex and he is labelled a shallow pig for wanting sex. Girl wants guy to pay for date and expect him to do X, Y, Z and it is socially accepted.

    Dating is just really a shitty version of prostitution dude.


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  • Only few moan about that - can you actually workout to get taller? I don't think there's much you can do to grow

  • I agree. I'm a tall person too so i understand your reasoning.😊

  • I really dont understand why you huys care it so much
    Height is just a number. Nothing more.

    • A number that heavily determines how well you do in dating when it comes to the men side.

    • @BubbleBoy69 so it seems also for girls
      Who care about it? Damn superficial and silly.

    • No. I've never seen guys make a big deal about a woman's height before as much as woman have with men's height.

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  • Well women have little right to care about a guys height preferences, as they care about height the MOST

  • You can't grow taller from walking out, it is luck in the draw.