Could he be interested?

So I started talking to this guy on his fan page/facebook. We have never met but have mutual friends and both have done sports through the same club etc.

We got into a conversation about a month ago which ended in him saying he wants to organise something when he gets back from travelling. After he said this, this is exactly how the convo went on;

Him: lets organise something when i get back from ____ :)
Me: Okay sounds great
Him (3 weeks later): Message me in 2 weeks!
Me: Yeah I will do!
Me: Hey, still want to do something?
Him: Sounds great I have some time free this week if you're free
Me: Okay cool im free most nights during the week
Him (3 days later): I'm flying to _____ tomorrow and ________ on Monday, where abouts do you live near?
Me: No problem! I live in _________

Last message was 5 days ago, he seems interested but I think I've caught him at a bad time with all his sporting travelling, etc etc. Do you think he's interested but just doesn't really want to 'date' until he properly comes home from all the travelling (which is in a few weeks)

He's no 'player' either, he's a devout christian and a very humble/honest guy from what I have heard and can tell



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  • Sorry, but he sounds too busy to worry about even if he is interested. If he can't give you time, nothing else is going to matter.


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  • Umm, I am not sure. I mean, he's constantly using excuses.