Why did he say that I don't love him when I do?

So, this sort-of-relationship-but-not-really thing I had with this guy rescently ended when he told me he didn't have the same feelings for me, even when he kissed me, and treated me like a girlfriend (when I confronted him about the romantic acts, he said it's what he thought I wanted). I told him I love him which is 100% real, I had for months, and he said that my feelings weren't real, that I had wishful thinking and that I love his image, which is totally not true and still makes me really mad to think about ! It was very hard, but being so fed up and sick of the games, I left because I couldn't just be friends with him even though he really wanted to.
Why would he says this? Could it be because of his ex girlfriends cheating on him that he doesn't believe when someone loves him now?


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  • He doesn't FEEL loved. I don't know if he could feel loved or not, but he doesn't right now.

    • Do you think? I mean, we used to do really fun things every weekend, I baked him heart shaped cheesecakes, which were his favorite, regular sex (where I felt I was putting in al the effort, he says he doesn't get excited over sex ), and I always wanted to help him out with certain problems that I guess he didn't want help with ,(thinks he has to deal with everything himself like healing from the past or else another person helping him will fuck Him up more )
      Maybe it wasn't enough and I couldn't love him the way he needs to be, but thanks for the opinion

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    • You might be doing everything you can, but you can't make someone feel loved. It is not your fault that he doesn't feel love.

      Some people don't feel like they deserve love so won't feel it no matter what you do. If he has been cheated on, there is a very good chance that he doesn't feel he deserves it.

      Please understand, that is not an excuse. You need to be with someone who can love you back period. It might be sad that he can't but its his problem not yours.

    • It just makes me feel so bad that if thats what he thinks, he deserves to be loved. Thank for the advice.

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  • maybe. You're just gonna have to prove to him that you love him.

    • Thanks for the opinion, I really tried that so many times through my actions but never seemed to get acknowledged, he already said he doesn't have feelings for me-which after everything we've been through I think is bullshit but it's over now :/

    • He could be a fuckboy