Finding love on a trip should I go for it even though I leave in less than 2 weeks?

I'm on a trip with my family to New York because of a make a wish I did about 2 years ago. Well the second day I was here I ran into an old ex of mine I still have feelings for. He moved away when he was 15 but we ended up not being able to keep in touch because I didn't know where he moved to or his number. Well I still have strong feelings for him and omg I was so happy to see him. My family doesn't really like him so I don't wanna tell them. But he's asked me out for tomorrow to come over to his apartment and he'll cook me dinner and we can hangout. I've already seen him for the last 3days... and omg I didn't realize how much I honestly I missed and like him. It's like nothing changed and he still make me feel so happy it's unbelievable. I know I'm here for make a wish to visit New York but none of that stuff matters he's the one thing here worth seeing or visiting. I'm 18 just to point that out I am an adult now just as he's 19. But I really wanna go see him tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to what could happen with him while I'm here. Should I just go with it and follow my heart because I don't think I wanna even leave New York as long as he's here


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  • We live in a time we're we have Facebook/Text messages and many other things:) get his number and you guys can stay in touch. Bth your 18 so you make your own decisions

    • I don't use Facebook it's annoying

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    • Haha, and i always wanted to make a girl fall in love. I'm good looking but that won't work a lot. What makes you feel so attracted to you? Besides making you feel happy when depressed

    • Just everything about him. I'm not sure exactly but i watched this Korean drama once that basically sums up why i love him. “The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one?" Lol I just love him because he's him. If I knew the reasons then I could stop myself from loving him but because they're r no reasons then I'm always going to be in love with him

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  • Look, if it's going to be a long distance thing, odds are that it won't work out. However, if both of you are willing to do it, then give it a try.

    • I'm thinking of asking him to move down here with me