I'm so confused?

OK so me and my boyfriend got into a fight I yelled at him cause I feel like he doesn't ever want to talk to me he always ignores my texts and so this morning I told him I feel like he don't even like me and he said OK. you can keep thinking that. bye and I don't know what to do he won't answer my calls or my texts. what should I do


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  • Don't keep texting/calling him. Give him some time to think things over. He sounds defensive so just give him a little time and then if he doesn't come around maybe contact him once more.


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  • make him chase ya. stop hounding him. even if he IS being "distant" on his own terms... leave him alone. you wouldn't want someone constantly whining to you, would you? trust me I've been where you are more than once, so I know what you're saying. But I've learned. Try it. It's tough, but try it.

  • I think you should just leave it alone... He probably likes you but you maybe annoying him with things your saying. Seems like he just wants some space. Just ask him what he wants but don't yell talk to him.