Guys, Are these strong signs he likes me?

Are these signs he likes me?:

So we were good pals untilll recently it's got flirty and He's extremely shy so I wonder if this means he actually is interested...

1) He constantly tries to tease and annoy me, and he also touches my hand a lot, not hold it but caress it

2) he called me "mysterious" .. whatever that means to his perspective lol - also he said at one point that I "don't seem to chase" that I "have a guard up and I don't make sense most of the time".

3) we were fooling around teasing eachother and he suddenly wanted to give me a love bite... kinda random..

4) he always makes the plans first to meet up and he always texts me first

5) the goodbyes are always the worst!! So awkward... *hug*

6) he is interested in my past relationships, not to mention ask me what 'type of guy' i look for

is he generally interested and should I keep dating him?


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  • I think you know the answer to this its so obvious lol

  • I'm not afraid to say... he's um so into YOU!