Does she like me?

Okay so I've been friends with this one girl I met for about 3 months now. She just got out of a nasty marraige. I have slept over in her house, in her bed 3 times now within the last 1 1/2 month. And we have cuddled everytime. I have kissed her in the cheek after the first time I slept over and she said it was SORTA weird. She also says, "if we were a thing, if we were dating" a lot. Is she trying to make sure to let me know she's not interested in anything more than just being friends? I know she's just gotten out of a relationship, so I'm thinking maybe she's afraid to get into another one.


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  • Why don't you simply ask her? It will give you a clearer answer. I think she likes you though since she has allowed you to sleep over in her bed a few times.

    • I have told her that I like her, but I haven't asked if she wanted to be more than just friends

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  • Give her time she just got out of a nasty relationship. What kind of way does she say those things?

    • What do you mean?

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    • It means that she is stringing you along as her freind till she feels that she is ready for a relationship. Or until someone better comes along. When she feels like it she might use you for sex and you two will be freinds with benefits. I would distance myself for a while until she is ready for a relationship. Otherwise your only being used by her for affections and comfort.

    • Ok I'll try that. Lol thanks. She is a sweet girl. And someone I see myself being with. But I won't rush into it

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  • She likes she just scared you dont like her like that so she is asking if you like her like a couple


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