How soon should I meet his parents?

The guy I am currently dating is 21 and I am almost 18. Is it odd that he has met my parents within a week of us beginning to date, but I have not met his parents and we have been dating for a month and a half?

  • Within 3 months of dating
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  • With in the first month of dating
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  • as soon as I turn 18
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HIs mom is very stubborn. I believe she doesn't want to meet me because I am a minor, and in the past he has gotten in trouble with minors.


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  • The length of time you have been dating does not matter to an extent. What matters more is how serious the relationship is and how long you expect your relationship to last.

    As soon as the relationship becomes serious and you expect it to be long term, meeting the parents is something that needs to be done. It sounds like it's way too soon, relationships don't get serious til after the 3 month period.

    The bottom line is if you have not said "I love you" yet, it's too soon. No point of getting your family attached to someone who will be in your life for only a couple of months.

    Also it is bizarre that he has already met your folks.

  • at least 3 months

  • Just take it easy. Both of you are really young. If you won't marry him, don't think much 'bout traditional things