Understanding my new guy, help please?

So I've been talking to this guy for a few months. We tried dating once a long time ago but he never seemed interested. This time he seemed different. Anyway. He works a job where he's on the road at different hotels for a week at a time. This past weekend I had drove 77 miles one way to see him n stay at his hotel. (Since that's where he's staying). The week before he had been going to dinner with random female coworkers but told me not to worry. The first day, Saturday, we laid around in his bed n watched tv. Nothing sexual or anything like that. We haven't gotten to that stage yet. Just kissing. I had brought knitting work to do while we watched tv n he read manga on his phone while the tv was on. For hours. He didn't try to hold my hand or ask me to snuggle. He n I were both just content. Then we ran to get him some stuff from Walmart which I drove to. N then we had dinner. Went back to the room, same stuff happened- knitting n manga. Then I went to sleep because I had a headache. His roommate kept getting people knocking for him n my "boyfriend" answered the door acting weird about the girl on the other side because he said that he didn't want any of the women to say anything to me. So slept through the night. Got up the next am. Had to run to walmart again. N then had brunch. This was Sunday. He had to work. [s/n: he asked if I would give him a ride back home 77 miles to go to an interview Monday n then drive him back to this town 77 miles to work the next day] we got back from brunch n the maid was cleaning the room n he heard women's voices. N said "oh god" n I was like what. N he said "I don't want them coming out here starting shit. I don't want them saying something to you or to me about you" n he had said earlier in the week that his roommate was the only one to know about me. Which i found strange. An hour before his shift the girl from the door n hall was texting him because she knew he was getting a diff job so she asked him to hang out.

Additionally::well he ended up leaving the room an hour early to go hang out w/ her n I found that messed up because I drove all this way 4 Time with him but he left me to see this girl who he had been working so closely with for months while I had been at home waiting to see him next. anyway- so I left a note saying I wasn't feeling good, he had upset me n I was leaving. N now he won't text me which shouldn't surprise me. I just wanna know what someone else would do in my situation. Thanks


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  • I would either confront/talk to him about his behavior and ask why he is so worried about the other women or just leave it as it is and move on

  • "I had drove"?


    are you a non-native English speaker?


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  • I am sorry, but I think that guy is a player and he's using you and the other women.