How would you react?

Okay guys and girls, just wondering.

~Situation One~
You've been dating a girl for five months when she tells you that she used to self-harm herself. She shows you her scars but tells you that she's now 100% better. How do you react?

~Situation Two~
You have a crush on this girl and hang out with her a lot. One day when you're together, her sleeve rolls up and you see a bunch of recent cuts. What do you do? Do you still like her?

~Situation Three ~
One of your best friends (girl or guy) is hanging out with you one day and they drop their bag, and razors spill out onto the floor. You ask to see their wrist and they refuse. What do you do?

If you're a girl just replace the words she and her with he and him. Thank you guys so much and in 24 hours I'll choose a most helpful response :)


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  • 1. Tell her I'm glad she has gotten better and continue to love her. Maybe ask her if she is comfortable talking about it
    2. Yes I still like her. Might be more concerned about her health though
    3. Tell them I care about them and so do a lot of people. Remind them that I am willing to listen and help them if they need someone to talk to

    • You're absolutely awesome I have never met someone who would react/reacts like you did/would... I'm that girl, and I'm that friend... :(

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    • Thanks :) you are the best

    • You are welcome!!

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  • Situation 1
    I am glad that he recovered and I wouldn't put pressure on him to discuss about such a sensitive subject. It's in the past now.

    Situation 2
    I bring it up to him. I'd try to understand the reasons why he would be doing it. I'd also recommend him to see a psychologist.

    Situation 3
    I'd try to talk to him about it. If he refused, I'd seriously consider the possibility of informing his parents about it. He clearly needs help.