If we're supposed to love ourselves unconditionally why should we care if we get cheated on or when we cheat? Why not be happy with getting our fulfillment?
Is it guilt from what others might think? I know men and women who actively cheat and they're happy, don't care and can justify it... Of course their partners don't know. But where is God or karma if they've NEVER gotten caught?

If there's no one there to stop them or deal out their karma what the hell is the point of even being in a relationship? Am i cynical for thinking this way? I'VE NEVER CHEATED lol. It just confuses me when people stay stuck on someone who cheated on them. Maybe because I lose ALL feelings FAST AS FUCK when I find out I've been cheated on.


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  • Well it's simple.

    Think of it as violating the terms of a contract:

    You get into a monogamous relationship. What are the terms of a monogamous relationship? Monogamy, obviously. So to turn around and start fucking other people when you had initially signed up to be faithful to one person as per defined in the monogamous relationship agreement, you're committing a transgression.

    A simple solution to this is to not enter a monogamous relationship agreement. Either remain single with many casual partners or enter open/poly relationships. This way no one feels betrayed.

    • I like where you're going with this but in a relationship we as individuals make up the rules. Not everyone is governed by the same principles and not everyone cares. Relationships aren't like contracts unless married because again being in a relationship to some is, "time to see what I can get on the side." I mean I'm too loving and sensitive to cheat and I hate seeing females cry lol.

      But I do get what you're saying and theses are all VERY valid points...

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    • LMFAOOO!!! Don't worry nothing wrong with being scholarly once in a while lol.
      I listened to a podcast a while back that basically said the only where you should be honest and true is in marriage because there is a contract of some sort.

      Then again people misconstrue things to fit their agenda but I kinda did agree.

    • Indeed. Ultimately though if you go into a relationship and then you cheat, you just plain suck as a person. I too am baffled about why girls and guys alike go back to cheaters. I assumed it's a self esteem thing; somehow trying to prove yourself worthy to a person who treated you like you weren't enough.

      I prefer to flip two birds and say buhbye.

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  • just because you lose feelings fast doesn't mean that everyone does. the reason cheating is wrong is because of the emotional manipulation and lies. you are making someone believe they are the only one you love, while you are out there screwing around with others. that sort of thing is very damaging to a person's mental health.

    • Makes sense. But I've never seen these people get caught, unless they've said something. Word travels fast and for some reason people trust me enough to tell me everything because I don't really go around talking about peoples business like that.

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    • Have you ever cheated before?

    • no. i don't believe in cheating. i have been cheated on, but that's not an excuse to cheat.

  • I agree , once I'm cheated on by a person I automatically give no Fucks about them & move on fast

    • I mean it doesn't make sense how people sulk all day about someone that doesn't give a fuck...
      Then again I think I'm jealous of cheating men...

    • Cheaters in general

    • yeah, it's best to accept that their bf/gf never loved them and they should realize their not worth keeping anymore & move on and find someone who is faithful & trustworthy.

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  • why is lying wrong? why is betraying others wrong? if you believe in the categorical imperative, it is wrong, cause you don´t want it to be done to you.

    • They're not wrong all the time... But I do get what you're saying. It kills me because not everyone gets caught. Where the fuck is this God or karma shit people speak about?

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    • Thank you very logical and to the point i tip my hat to you good sir. It just kills me how there really are no consequences for such actions when someone covers their ass from all angles some people are just good at cheating...

    • oh it has consequences in the long run. i don´t believe in hell or bad karma... but i believe that in the long run you will have bad consequences. be it that you actually fall in love and that person betrays you or finds out that you did that and leaves you... yes there might be people that completely get away with that without even personally feeling bad for doing it. that´s just how it is. but i don´t want to be like that, cause it would make me feel bad about myself so if they don´t feel bad for it, good for them but it´s not the way i wanna go either way.

  • Cheating is wrong cause you're lying to your girlfriend/boyfriend but those people who have been cheating will get their pay for their work. You won't see it but they will get fucked up like shit for that. God punishes immediately and somethimes he doesn't.

    And for those who have stayed with their cheater are stupid because they are too nice, tied or they have just loved that person too hard that it's hard to let them loose.

    • WTF is the point of having a God if he doesn't deliver swift judgment or he doesn't deliver at all? Isn't that the purpose of having a God? And I can name people off of my brain (both male and female) who have NEVER been caught and never will because they're smart as fuck when it comes down to it...

      Not trying to downplay your religion if you're a christian but I think all religion is bullshit.

    • I got your anger about this. I really got your anger. Say no mo fam. Say no more but sometimes it isn't at your time that they will be punished. It's true that people be smart as fuck and still get away with it but you don't know how they got punished because they will get punished for that. But it's not our business to know that. How stupid this sounds is this still true.