Anyone here currently with someone they do not like? OR hanging with someone because they feel sorry for them?

them... Because you feel bad that you do not like them, you spend time with them because you feel guilty?



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  • You should stop hanging out with the person if you just feel bad for them. You feel responsible for their happiness and you really shouldn't be. They need to learn how to be happy on their own and then they will find the right person for them. You are wasting your own time being with someone you really don't want to be with. There are many reasons it can be hard to break it off with someone, their nice, you've been together so long, or possibly they are friends with someone else close to you. whatever the reason you need to do what is right for you. Make yourself happy first. Don't let this person make you feel bad, because you aren't a bad person.

    • So you have never done it?

    • It may have happened, but then I realized I wasn't happy so I stopped doing it.

  • Pitty dates are just mean and heartless...

    • So you have never done that?

    • Nope, nor would I ever, I hate being lead on, why would I lead someone on...

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