My girlfriend parents want me to meet her grandparents but as her friend and not her boyfriend what should I do?

So my girlfriend planed on spending Halloween with me.. but her mom wants her to spend the day with her family. She doesn't wanna spend it with them since they are always making her feel dumb so she asked if i can come with. Her mom said she would only allow it if we pretend to be friends around her grandpants. Her ggrandparents are racist and her parente are not they just feel white should only date white.


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  • thats bs in my opinion. as long as your chick likes you who cares what they think. I'd say show up, be the boyfriend that you are to her and show them that you are one respectful and nice mf, and don't put up with shit if they try dishing it out. once you get up to leave if they start being assholes and they see it upsets their sweet little granddaughter to see you frustrated, insulted, and leaving they will shut up and change real quick


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  • just go along with it, old people are weird but it's still her family
    plus her parents will like you more for putting up with it and tell your girlfriend you're doing it just for her 😉


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