An idea of mine for determining the best max age difference?

I usually say ten years at most, but a number is a bigger difference for younger people than older. A 16yo going out with a 26yo sounds like a much bigger deal than a 74yo going out with an 84yo.

So I got an idea: add/subtract an age by a percentage. I'm feeling 25% would be best. Take me for example. I'm 28, and wanting an older woman. 28+25%=35 which means I should likely go with someone 35yo at highest. After that, I'd suntract 25% from my max. 35-25%=26.25 which is less than my age, making 35 acceptable for me.

If I wanted a younger girl, I'd subtract from my age and add to hers. 28-25%=21 and 21+25%=26.25 which means someone 21yo would be too young for me. Someone 23yo would have a max age of 28.75 which includes my age.
So by setting my standards up to 25% a difference means I should date a woman between 23 and 35.

Any questions?
What do you think of my technique?
What would your standards be?

It's not a rule book. Just a guide for people unsure if someone is too old/young for them.


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  • The general rule is to half your age and add seven. That is your minimum age to date

    • Everyone seems to have heard of that technique but me.

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    • Sex has lost meaning to people because they have been broken emotionally and psychologically in the past, or they grew up with people who taught them that sex doesn't have to mean something. To each his own though.

    • Well, it feels like every opinion on the internet regarding this sort of thing is basically the same for absolutely everyone but me.

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  • go by the Barney Stinson rule. half his age +7 is the rule of thumb.

    • Well, can I get an opinion on mine, This took me forever to figure how to explain, let alone type...

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    • This isn't about countries or politics. It's about what my heart thinks is right.

    • well that´s up to you. i can´t argue with that XD

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  • Dude, your thinking way too hard. How about just let love happen where it will?


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  • It only works if you are over a certain age or you would be considered a child molester if you are not over a certain age number

    • It was a good try though

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