Girls, Which of this two guys would you date?

Here are two guy profiles, actual people. My good friends to be exact. Please choose one and explain why you would want to date them and please also explain why you did not choose the other guy.

Guy #1 - John
White 23 year old Male. Black hair, stands at 5'7". Average build. Wears Glasses. Works as a Computer Programmer, drives 2014 BMW M3, had 2012 Mustang GT-CS but sold it. Earns $100,000 CAD (before tax) a year.

Guy #2 - Terry
White 24 year old Male. Brown hair, stands at 5'7". Average build. Wears Glasses. Works as a Plumber, operates own business. Drives 2009 Smart ForTwo & 2014 Ford Transit Connect (work car), had 2002 Suzuki SV650S but sold it. Earns $150,000 CAD (before tax) a year.

Which of this two guys would you prefer to date and on what grounds? And why did you reject the other guy?

Big thanks in advance.

Guy #1 - John is 5'9" *sorry for the type-o"


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  • They sound like the exact same guy lol. The only difference is the vehicles and money. Neither of those are important to me. I'd choose John, but that is my brother's name. Terry sounds like a scary name though. Anything else to differentiate these people?

    • Edited. John is 5'9", a fuck up on my part for not proofreading shit. Neh doll, there 2 different people.

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  • None cause they could be assholes. I don't care how much money they make or how good they are in life. If you're an asshole I don't like you.

    • Awesome! I'm a sarcastic asswipe, thus that means you do not like me. :D

    • Well if you're joking then that's fine life gets boring so it's always good to joke or be sarcastic it can be funny. I'm talking about dudes that are downright assholes ones that are actually serious about what they say and do lol

    • Haha, yeah I know that feeling. When I tell others I'm an asshole they always look at me like I'm bat shit crazy and then proceed to stating that I'm not even close to an asshole. Still a sarcastic fuck tard truth :D

  • How can we tell without knowing their personality lol

    • Well you got some bits of data, build a profile and dissect away. One of them is a sarcastic asshole, second is just an asshole but a very kind fucker who will lend you money. Not gonna say who.

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    • It does. Want me to make a list explaining why people who drive BMW's, Benz's and Audi's are complete fucking tools? I can also make a nice personality profile on people who drive Honda Civics Si... Yeah :P

    • Doesn't correlate tho

  • Guy 2. He is clearly good at what he does, and in the future, everyone will be able to program.

    • Interesting Guy #2, said that on dates many girls can't get over the fact he is a Plumber and has to work with dirty stuff, so that grosses people out.

    • He will be in better shape than the programmer.

    • Huh. Interesting. You have no beef with car he drives? I asked him why he ain't getting something better. He said the car he has still works, so might as well keep it and not waste money. But thats just me.

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