How to keep up a good relationship?

Basically me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year, and we both know almost everything about each other so there's not much to text about often. we don't have the same lively conversations bc we already know everything. we still clearly like each other its just harder now.

also there's this new girl who has been flirting with him and apparently they are somewhat friends and she acts a lot like me and i think they text. I've talked to him about this and we have addressed the situation and he's told me not to worry and trust him so i have been, im hoping nothings going on i guess im just jealous of her bc they are having the same funny convos we used to and i guess that now its just harder for me and him. i don't want to break up with him so thats not an option here but what should i do? texting wise and how to deal with this girl.


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  • Well convo runs dry for two reasons. 1) text less often and allow stuff to happen.
    2) make stuff happen. Make a list of things want to do and mark it off. Ex. Puzzles, draw, selifes editing, etc.
    y'all have more to talk about then.

    • alright thats pretty good, do you have any ideas about what to do with the girl?

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  • Well, I understand your situation very well! I went through something super similar. I was kinda flirting with this guy for while, we never officially dated, but we started to pretty much learn everything about eachother so then there wasn't really too much to message about anymore. Or it seemed like that. The thing about messaging is that you can always have something to say. Maybe try taking turns playing would you rather or guessing games on how well you know eachother. Try getting some apps that you could play together. That's what me and my date did. We both got this app called "Quizup" that was tons of fun to play! We could even message eachother in the app which was convenient. We'd even call eachother and play the game. And it's a game that anyone could enjoy. Or maybe send funny YouTube videos back and forth to try to make eachother laugh! Maybe have a FaceTime competition and both of you watch videos and try your best not to smile or laugh! There's always tons of goofy little things to chat about! Maybe try planning your outfits so that you guys can match when you go to school! :)

    • thanks good idead!

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    • Thank you!!!'

    • You're very very welcome! ☺️

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