How to make him feel important?

Just started dating this guy that I was friends with for a bit before. His family and him don't exactly see eye to eye which he has explained to me and why.

We we met in a dating site and both deleted our profiles to get to know the other better and see where it went.

Today spending time together I told him he was worth deleting my profile for, I honestly can't remember when I've been as happy as I am around him. Good morals and all about his child as it should be. He replied with how he didn't think he was worth it. I went back later to ask him why he would say that and he said it's because the people who should care the most, being his family don't care and that he's a waste of time. I looked him in the eyes and told him he was worth mine and if he wasn't did he really think I would be there whenever I could, and that his daughter thinks the same.

How can I help make him feel important? I can tell him as much as I want but I want to make him feel important.


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  • Hmm that's a tough one because from the sounds of it he is very under-confident. One source of confidence in males is experience with a multitude of females.

    Trust me when I say you're not going to change him by saying things like "you're important babe". What you may want to explore doing is showing him that he's getting you off. Show him that he can do it. A huge part of a man's confidence stems from his ability to non-verbally please women.

    Just food for thought!

    • Definitely do! And knowing one of his last relationships the girl was clingy to the point he couldn't do anything without her, he thanked me today for telling him to do something for himself which was quadding. I love quadding too but we both need time to ourselves for our own things with our friends and our children from previous relationships. I know I can't change it by telling him he's important to me so just need a way to show him or better yet ways.

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    • Thank you for your advice!

    • Keep us posted!

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  • I have the same problem with my family. They all bully me and put me down and don't seem to care about my feelings. They aren't affectionate and don't support you. Me and my boyfriend are online too. Whenever I vent to him then that's usually when I feel the most down or something someone said or did got to me. That's when I turn to him for his love.

    I want him to make me feel like I'm not alone and I'm perfect to him. Being around a family that is supposed to be there for makes you feel like you aren't lovable or something is wrong with you. It's a terrible feeling especially at night when you think about the future and what's going to happen.

    Does he ever get really paranoid that you're going to leave him and he'll be lost without you? I get that way at times with my boyfriend and I just want him to say he'll love me forever and that he promises not to leave. At that moment that's all I want to hear. I want him to make me feel like he's my family since when I'm with him I feel like I'm at home. He's my happiness. I don't think he understands though. He has a loving supportive family. Just make him feel loved and understand him. Make him feel like he's apart of you as close as family and that you love him and that he is loved.

    • Probably too new of a relationship for that; I definitely show him I love being around him, that he makes me laugh, do random things like drop off his favourite hot drink in the AM and have been doing that since before we dated, kinda a I'm thinking of you thing. We text all the time and see each other whenever our schedules allow. Can laugh about silly things and ourselves around each other. We are definitely at the I really like you stage and let's see where this goes as well as sitting down with our schedules trying to plan dates or times we can see each other where I don't end up at home at 2 am lol.

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  • actions speak louder than words. so you know what to do.


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  • actions speak louder than words is a motto that I live by. tell him how much he means to you and always be honest.

    • I have. Made sure I looked him in the eyes doing it too. I've also told him what a good dad he is (one of the best I've seen!) and how happy his daughter looks every time they are together. It's just actions I need so I can show him instead of just telling him how important he is to me