Everything reminds me of Girl who crushed me?

I was in love with this girl, but she broke my heart.

The problem is we are very similar, and nearly everything I do reminds me of her.

Reading my horoscope, it's a problem because she is the same sign as me so I think she feels the same way.

She is at a similar stage of life as me, so she is going through the same stuff, quarter life crisis, unhappy, family and money problems... So when I get stressed out I think about her and get more stressed out.

I was learning to read and play music because it was something I wanted to do, but she can play the piano and read music and has been playing since she was a kid... She can play any song, and I don't even feel like learning anymore.

Also when I hear classical music I get really sad, because it reminds me of her playing it.

Reading heart break questions on this site and internet articles about going through your 20s reminds me of her too, which sucks because I want to read them for myself.

My neighbor has the same car as her, and it always reminds me of her.

Literally everything reminds me of her, it really sucks. I can't do anything without thinking about her, and how she feels, and what she is doing...

Everything reminds me :(


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  • thats really bad, its hard to forget her in this situation, you can go else city

    • I can't move :(

      I also see her almost everyday

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    • to become couples?

    • No Chance, well very small maybe 1% chance... and that's what I am holding on to.

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  • You need some Italian Ice.

    • I ate a lot of it and it didn't even help :(

    • I am sorry it didn't work.

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  • You forgot, she can walk and when you walk you have to think of her.
    And when you poop you have to think of how she can poop too. And when you fart it reminds you of the one time you thought how she could have been farting as well.
    Tragic... Isn't it?

    • I was going to write something in response, but nothing can top what you've written.

    • Please don't give me more ideas :(

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