You ever found your "dream" guy/girl?

Ever found or dated someone you thought was your dream guy/girl?

This doesn't mean putting them on a pedestal or that they're perfect, but more or less they had a ton in common with you compared to others you've dated, very attractive and you clicked with them in many ways.

If so, did it work out?

I'd like to add that I never said someone was my dream girl that I dated. Others did. Without contradicting myself, I actually think it's dangerous to think that way because if you have that mentality in your head and something goes wrong, you'll be very disappointed.


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  • once and we broke up 5 years ago sadly... I will always love him no matter what 💔😢

    • Sorry to hear that. With mine I actually didn't say she was my dream girl, but others did. Sadly I was just a rebound to her. I think it was bad timing.

    • so sorry man!

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  • Nope. Never.

  • Very unrealistic

    • Of what? Having high standards is unrealistic? 😂😂😂😂😈

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    • What kinda high standards are we talking?

    • @Asker MY high standards

  • Yes, and no didn't work out for us