I want to date her. Please help me out here

Alright here's the situation. I'm in a musical, and I'm paired up as a couple with this girl that I'm kind of friends with and I have a crush on, and now I want nothing more than to date her.

Prom is coming up on may 8th and we both already have dates. I'm going with a friend and I'm pretty sure she is too, and that's what kind of makes this complicated. I know she doesn't have a boyfriend, but would it be weird to ask her out despite us both already having different prom dates?

How should I do this?

p.s. I kinda get some vibes that she likes me sometimes, I mean for instance she chose to be paired up with me


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  • why not wait till after prom?

    • I thought about that but the musical will be over by then and since I have no classes with her I won't get to see her very much. plus I'm leaving on a ten day trip like a week after prom. I guess the timing is just bad no matter what I do, but I feel that sooner would be better.

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