Mr. Flirt, we've all had them.

Yes this is about the typical Mr. Flirt and any girl or guy that can help me with this, feel free.

I'll try to keep this short: Between my other female friend we have this love square going on between my female friend and two guy friends of mine. The one I happen to like the most is a huge flirt, he flirts with me, my female friend, and even other girls. I often give him crap for flirting with other girls. He even flirts with the girl he knows I dislike the most and will continually look at me in the process and talk to me about it.

I'm content with keeping him as a friend but I am getting curious.

Should I leave it be? What are signs that he may actually like ME and not the other girls he flirts with? What should I do when he flirts with me?

ANY help is appreciated. :D


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  • For the most part, a guy will flirt with just about everyone if he's like that. In his mind, the more he flirts, the more opportunities he has. Not too mention that having a ton of girlfriends usually works in their favor.

    When does he stop flirting? When a girl actually makes it clear she wants to be with him. He then chooses her or not. That's pretty much how it goes. But a male flirt is no different than an average girl, who has a ton of male friends. Both share similar goals and patterns.

    The point, is that simply flirting with one girl at a time bears little to no fruit.


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