I'm boring and I can't help it?

Hello guys & girls from GAG!

Personally, I never thought I was "boring" until a few months ago. I have always been interested in art, music, politics and science. I've had hobbies like reading, dancing and drawing. Being up to current events, both cultural and political, was a priority for me and I always thought that having an opinion on almost everything was important, not necessarily to share it, just to not be so "passive". To me, education, willpower, (com-) passion and speaking your mind made an interesting person. BOY WAS I WRONG.

Every attempt to talk to guys, to get a date or to find someone who is interested in me has failed. I'm not totally ugly or something but every guy I've met was completely bored by me and tried to leave the conversation, no matter if I approached them or they approached me.

I know I'm not good when it comes to talking but I don't understand? Am I really that boring? It's not on purpose, I would change definitely change it if I knew why.


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  • Well speaking is an art in and of itself... Ever heard someone say the most mundane shit and everyone is just mesmerised?

    It's because mostly, especially in a lightly social context, content does not matter AT ALL. It's all about delivery and emotion. Work on that, and people will find you fascinating.


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  • I am writing this while listening to
    "Bach - Concerto for oboe d'amore, strings and continuo in A BWV 1055 - 2 Larghetto"

    I am working on my Masters in Physics and bow down to Chomsky!

    there are lots of people out there like you! Or whom will bore you ! So you keep searching! You are probably looking for gold in a place of trash!


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  • Hmm, maybe you're the only one who does the talk? Do you talk more than other person? Do you, like, answer questions that no one asked?