How to text someone that you plan to date?

Hello, this question was raised because there is a strong belief that you guys have the answer to it.

As for my lack of experience, I have no idea how things should work.

When you take a girl's number you should talk to her over text once per week, more or less?

Then, what kind of discussions to have? It is like I'm always stuck on what to say, and en up the conversation either too fast or in a cold way.

Kindly provide as much as possible details on how to proceed. Your help is really appreciated.

Thank you.


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  • Text her right after you get her number and say something like "It was nice seeing you/hanging out with you"
    Try to remember stuff from your in-person conversations (or past texting conversations) to ask her about: was she going to a movie this week? Ask how it was, did she like it, etc.
    What you talk about will really depend on the girl. My main advice would be to start a conversation, and if she keeps answering then keep texting. Also, don't be different over text than you are in real life.
    Excuse yourself if you have to end a conversation ("I have to go, but I'll text you later"). Unless she hasn't been answering. Then just drop it.
    I really don't have much experience with this either, but these are some things that would communicate to me that a guy was interested, and that wouldn't scare me off.

    • Thank you for your reply.

      You are probably right about it, I just have to talk casually and go with the flow by asking simple questions. I unconsciously tend to overthink about it, as always trying to get the best possible results.

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  • Don't ask her to be your girlfriend over text Lol talk to her in person.

    • I know that haha. The thing is that sending text messages builds up a kind of rapport, and she can still have you in her mind when you're not there. Once this step is done, then I believe we can proceed and ask her out in person.

    • Lmao I just read the question not the bottom part.

    • Hehe, no worries.

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