Possibly forever?

We have our ups and downs but i wouldn't trade him for a thing. He tells me how he wants to marry me and for me to have his kids. We both have trust issues but make each othef so happy. And i can see us with the same last name and with kids. His sister said i brimg out a different happy side to him. Even when we're arguing , we refuse to give up on each other. We constantly have problems with his jealousy but he's working on it for me. Is not giving up beimg forced upon or we just can't help it? Sometimes we can't see eye to eye but it's only been five months, is that what loves about? Not giving up on someone no matter what cause of the love you have for each other and knowing you both are only what you want?


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  • Being able to work through problems is one of the qualities that a good relationship has. With time I'm sure you will be able to feel more confident. 5 months is still a fairly short time (compared to your whole future) you definitely have time time to be confident in your decisions and your relationship.
    If you are seriously considering marriage anytime soon I suggest going for a couple sessions with a couples counselor. They can help you learn to communicate and appreciate each other better and bring up some things to consider that you many not have gotten around to yet. Marriages have a better chance of working long term that way (some churches even offer or require it).

    Good luck!


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  • You're way too young, for forever

    • I know what it seems like but you don't know my circumstance nor his nor ours together? so don't assume that and that is not what i asked.

    • You're way too young, for foreverrrrr

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