How to stop being intimidated by a guy I'm dating?

I have a solid job at an IT company. I am a software tester. It's not some highly ranked job, but the salary is average and I like my job. I don't really have any special skills then at testing and some basic programming. I do my 8 hours shift every work day and after that I'm just a normal, average girl who likes to cook, to play video games and goof around. I'm very young at spirit! Even though I'm 27, I am very short and I look like I'm 20. I had one serious relationship for 3 years, everything before that was just something short and stupid. My family is poor and I also financially take care of them. But I live by myself.

Recently I met a guy and we started dating. He is 6 years older then me and he is a CEO of the most famous gaming company in my country. He has years of experience behind him, he is extremely successful, rich and famous. I had no idea about this until our first real date. After I got to know him a bit better I seriously admire him so freaking much, he's like my hero! He speaks so eloquently and acts like a gentlemen, there's not a thing that he doesn't know or is not capable of accomplishing. He comes from a rich family, his mom a CEO of some other company.

Basically, we come from two different worlds. I said yes to a date because he seemed like a nice guy who is also very, very attractive. I am extremely attracted to him. Not just because of his good looks, he really treats me amazing and I can't stop laughing when I'm with him. I simply melt when we kiss! But I can't help feeling intimidated. I never dated someone like that. I fantasized how it would be great to be with a guy like that, but now that it actually happened I can't help but feeling the difference between us. I'm scared to even mention this to him...

Do you think this relationship can work?


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  • it can work sure.

  • I can tell you right now that it can work. Money isn't everything. He seems like a good man, that's what matters.

  • Jobs have little to do with relationships apart from take home pay and time spent away from your partner.
    If he's not throwing his career in your face, you have nothing to worry about.
    At the end of the day, it's just a job.

    • P. S. can you pm me the name of the company.
      I game develop as a hobby.

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