Crush said she might wear a "private" outfit for Halloween. What does that mean?

I was talking to my crush and we were planning to go dancing for Halloween. She said she has a "private" outfit that she might wear, depending on where we go. That was really confusing. What does that mean?

Okay. Turns out that she actually wrote Pirate Costume and the autocorrect turned it into Private Costume. That makes more sense.


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  • A sexy outfit for your eyes only and let me say that is really sweet.. she's a good girl saving it only for you! Most girls just wear it for every1 to see.. not that I'm complaining lol

    • Turned out she said Pirate costume. Private was autocorrect.

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    • Haha I love it! Like I said she's a good girl! Even thou she didn't mean private costume she seems cool!

    • Yeah, she's a real gem!

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  • She wants to fuck you... that's what it means.


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  • She want you to tap da ass. Just kidding she just want have s little fun and wanted your reaction.

  • That only you get to see, if you catch my drift.

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