I wanna quit playing games, but I'm too shy to make a move. What can I do?

I've always been interested and have been giving (very subtle) hints for 3 or 4 months, but he never seemed to respond so I was ok and moved on. That was until a few days ago, when he asked to follow me on Instagram, on a really private account very few people have access to, and sent me a cute birthday message. He also acts more friendly/open towards me now. I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into that but I'm done 'sending hints' and reading into every little thing he does and playing little games in general. That being said I'm way too shy to make a move, not even when I'm drunk. Any ideas how to fix this situation or a way I can approach him?

Anyone else?


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  • Advice: stay single if your going play games. I'm warning you. He may not have a problem now but like age it'll catch with you and he will get uninterested and move on. GUYS HATE GAMES. Even alpha males enjoys games but he will cheat on you asap.

    Solution: no games. Please God, no games. Anyway take steps into not over thinking things, let him lead the conversation, then you provide more detail. Another way is to stop playing games. Sorry but just try to go in the scared zone and see what consequences turn up. Like say or do something out of the blue, once your mind knows it's no big deal and get use to it. You just gotta control your thought pattern.


What Girls Said 1

  • Why did you play games with him if you were genuinely interested in him? Don't you understand that by playing games you keep lowering your chances to get him. He will assume that you're not interested in him if you keep it up. Why can't you be more direct towards him?

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