Meet a guy on a dating app?

So i meet a guy on a dating app. We went to lunch (and he paid! I was like wahhh) and then back to my place. Yes, sex happened quite a few times. He has texted me everyday since then, he has texted first! The conversations are kind of get to know one another, but not too much. Guy's what does he want?


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  • Nobody can tell you what he wants primarily because you had sex with him so early you can't tell if he wants a relationship or just more sex yet. This is the problem people just don't seem to understand about having sex so fast.

    • I know where the problem is... but I have never had someone text me the next day. So I thought I would ask. But that you so much for your condescending statement. Ill be sure to remember that.

    • Sorry didn't mean to be condescending just meant to give you my honest opinion.

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  • He probably wants to have sex again. Has he ever mentioned the possibility of you two being exclusive?

    • No he hasn't brought that up. But I have never had a guy text me every single day after... usually every couple of days. But not this often.

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  • *met
    It's fucking MET, not MEET.

  • Well the pussy must be good, because he still around


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