Should I ask her to pay back or play it cool?

Hello, we would appreciate that you help us out in this particular situation.
We will assume that the girl's name is Lea and the boy's name is John.

Lea requested from john to buy a small book required for one of the classes, from a library.
Lea, John, and I are both in the same class in college.

Then it turned out that John is one of my friends, and we went to the library together after having a lunch. I paid for the book, rather than John and asked for the book aswell since I need it too.

Lea is my crush, she will eventually want to pay the money. I don't know if I should accept or simply play it cool and don't accept her money at all. As I said, she is my crush and want to take things further.

As for the book it costs roughly $40.

Kindly provide some answers on what to do now.

Best regards


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  • Just ask when she's going to finish the book cause you need it. I don't think you can just "throw away" 40$ unless you are very rich or smth :P

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      Actually we need each one a book. The exam is going to be open book, so each person should have its own book.

      Haha, it is not about throwing away money but since she's my crush I feel bad accepting her money. In the worst scenario, if she insists to pay it back.. can I tell her that I will accept her money only if she accepts my invitation for a drink or will I sound desperate? :p

    • I think it would be weird to say this :P But I really think you should accept the money. It's to much. But you should ask her out. Maybe you could say it differently, like "you can pay me back with a drink" or smth like that. I mean, instead of giving you money, she buys you a drink

    • Alright, sounds a good idea. I might suggest her to buy me a drink instead of paying back the book :)

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  • You take the $40 bucks, and then you say, "Now that I have $40 bucks, you should let me buy you dinner." - Boom. Drops mic. You're welcome.

    • Thank you for your answer. You kind of read my mind.
      I was thinking about refusing her to pay the $40 back and obviously she is going to insist. If she was to insistant then I would have invite her for something, and on the other hand if she's not insistant on it well I believe it is useless to go further with such girl :p

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    • @KatherineWilliams thanks for your feedbacks.

      Oh, the awkwardness of joining the club is shared haha.

      Well, as you advised, I'll ask her out one more time on Monday. If she refuses my invitation, I'll move on. 😊

    • Make sure you get your $40 bucks back before you ask her. Otherwise you might not get either. Good luck!

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  • if you're broke, definitely pay it back lol

    however i personally wouldn't get too rustled by 40$

    • Thank you for your reply. Nevertheless she is the one to owe me not me haha.

      Kindly read my suggestion left in the comment section of Katherine Williams (above) and tell what you think about it honestly speaking :)

    • shouldn't have to give her special treatment cause she's your crush, especially if she doesn't know cause she might be thinking you're just a doormat

    • You're right. I will either do as stated by Katherine Williams, which is to tell her to offer me a drink instead of paying back the book.
      Or, I could simply take the money, and then ask her what are her plans for tonight.

      If you have better options, kindly share them here :)