Did she steal him from me?

I was dating this guy who was her ex and she told him that she was jealous and mine and his relationship Fell apart after that.. after a few days (with me being depressed and upset with her) we finally ended up breaking up but right after we broke up he said he loves me when he wouldn't when we were dating after the jealous issue. After a week of us breaking up he decided to get back with her and I'm still upset with her and depressed after 2-3 weeks. When I was talking to him last night he told me that he's barely been talking to her but he stopped loving me for right now because she's the only one on his mind. Last time she stole him from me.

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  • There are many aspects as to which a breakup can occur. I'm going to name a few.
    1. Presence of a third party/the ex
    2. Insecurities within the relationship
    3. The foundation of the relationship is not strong enough to withstand what comes your way.

    I'm sure that you would've felt threatened when the ex came into the picture. Also, it's wrong for him to suddenly change his mind after ending things with you. Nevertheless, if you're convinced that the gurl stole your man, you should let it go and move on. A man who lets himself get 'stolen' is never a reliable man.

    • insecurities is possible.. he was not acting like a boyfriend for a few days so I told him that it's a little hard for me to enjoy the relationship right now
      plus I was also insecure myself because of that because ik I'll never be her

    • Hey dear, you shouldn't be feeling like you're any worse than anyone. Basically, you shouldn't be comparing yourself to others in your relationship. Everyone has his/her own uniqueness. You could be good at something that she isn't good at. That makes you, you. But still though, seeing that he has gone back to her, it appears that he isn't too rooted to his and your relationship after all..

    • apparently not as much as I thought

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  • is it a toy.. the thing u talkin about..

  • It's possible she did.

  • No she didn't


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  • She's your friend and it's not right that she did that! She should've been happy that you found someone that you cared about and was with. But no, she was jealous and interfered in your relationship which is beyond rude! She seems like a really shallow and petty person... Aka... Not a good friend! You should just cut her out of your life because you don't need bad influences like her around being a jerk to you, you don't deserve being treated like this at all! She's poisonous and only cares about herself. People like her are never and will never be worth your time and energy, so you should just distance yourself from her so that she can't hurt you anymore... It'll probably be tough because she was a good person if your eyes, but it'll be worth it trust me! You're strong you can do it :)

    • what makes it worse is she was my best friend and this was the 2nd time she ruined our relationship both when we were at our best.. now they are together and I occasionally still try to win him back a little but it's not gonna change anything

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    • i been kinda mad at her because of my insecurities and feeling like she stole him from me and all that but im wondering if its her that i should be mad at or if its my ex or me that i should be mad at

    • I mean, it's a pretty lousy situation all and all, and all of you guys had a play in the outcome, so I guess it's fair to say that it's fine for you to be a bit upset with them and yourself. It could help those negative feelings pass quicker if you acknowledge them like that.