Ladies: if your boyfriend doesn't call you his girlfriend in front of other girls would you be worried or mad?

So this girl came and sat next to my boyfriend and I. She was sitting really close at a party. He was also hugging her really long. He said that was good friend from before. Didn't mind that at all. My boyfriend was playing a game on his phone and she came by and sat really close. She asked if we worked together. He didn't say anything so I didn't say anything either because we were at the beginning stages of the relationship and didn't know if he was embarrassed. I just replied no to her. I know he heard her because she was literally sitting close to him knee to knee. I confronted him before with this and he said he didn't hear her and just assumed.

My friends said that was disrespectful but I didn't know. How would you guys handle that?

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  • There's no way a guy like that can be that clueless enough to disregard how you would feel or how inappropriate it was for her to be that close and for him not to correct her about it. He's doing it on purpose probably becuase he likes the attention from multiple women other than just from you.

    Even if she was a very "Good friend", there are boundaries that are established once he's in a relationship, and once that happens, all the close touching, googly-smoochy acts between them should have stopped, just out of respect for you and the relationship as a whole. If I were to have a guy friend like that, I'd let him know things have changed and put my boyfriend's comfort zone first as a priority, but that does not mean I demean or mistreat my friend either.

    So, the fact that he wasn't forth and upfront about introducing you and making it very well known that you're his girlfriend, is pretty careless to me. Others might totally disagree with my comment, but that's a no-no to me.

    • I agree. That's when things started going downhill from there. You don't even want to know the other stuff I tolerated. When I confronted him about it, he got really angry and yelled at me. :/ Saying I doubted him and etc. I even went as far to ask about social media. He put other girls up on his social media. He said he loved me and made him so happy, but why was he showing more love to other girls on their fb pages and never to mine. even though we were still fresh I showed him around. Just one picture and that's it. When I asked him how come he doesn't put me up. He says I'm petty to argue over things like that. After he broke up with me he put another girl up on his social media. :/ I think he was embarrassed of me though. :/ meh. oh well. I should've known from this party incident how he was.

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    • Sometimes we really want something to work despite the red flags raised high. Next time, NEVER settle for less. Never tolerate anything that bothers you, discomforts you, or has you second-guessing. Usually, your gut is right. It should have been YOU dumping HIM.

    • Yeah it should've but lesson learned!!!
      I'm glad I won't have to deal with this disrespectful boy anymore. He's been blocked forever.