Who do I pick? W or R?

So, I'm caught between two guys, and I have to pick 1 to fully commit to... yes they both like me so please help me!

W- Known for 3 months, always kind, compliments me on skills and appearance, doesn't have driver's license yet but is 17, texts me 24/7, moving out next year, smart, likes everything I do, encouraging, attractive, tall, however he also broke my heart once, but I still like him MORE, would do anything for him, I think he's perfect, dad knows him, sister's friend

R- Known for 2 weeks, kind, texts me occasionally, compliments me on appearance, is 17, driver's license, moving out this fall, lives 5 hours away but moving to a place 1/2 hour away before Christmas, supportive, wants me to be happy, same height, likes a couple similiar things, not sure how much i like him, nobody knows him

  • Guy W
  • Guy R
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What Guys Said 2

  • Why not go with the one you like.

  • Everyone knows R is the best cause it's the ultimate :P
    No I think W sounds like a better choice

    • Haha, why is that?
      Just curious on your reasoning.

    • Cause you obviously really like him, the other guy you hardly know

    • Yes, I do reaaaally like him.

What Girls Said 1

  • No one can tell you who to go with that's got to be your choice. just follow what you want somehow you will no you who you like more there will be more of a click

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