Does she really like me or just using me?

There is a girl in my class, and i know she had a huge crush on this guy but he ignores her so now she started flirt with me but here are few things to look for-

1. she looks good for that guy, i mean she comes like a hot piece of cake for that dude, im sure.
2. She sits near him, i mean she sits near that guy and i sit on the other corner of the room, and she glances at me from time to time, whereas earlier she used to sit near me.
3. She glances at that guy too.

What can u guys say about the situation.

  • She likes that guy and considers you as a backup, she sits physically near that guy and just keeps you on the hook so as you can be used as an emergency dude.
  • She likes you, you should make a move.
  • Others (please comment)
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  • I mean, her body language and actions are showing that he's her priority, but she's also interested in you as a second option. This doesn't mean anything bad that she's doing, she's just figuring out her options which isn't bad at all. If you like her, try to flirt with her and win her heart if the other guy doesn't seem too interested. If you acknowledge that you've noticed that she's started presenting herself better in a cool and casual way, she'll greatly appreciate it!

    • Do u think a woman will ever respect a guy or fall in love with a guy who was always a backup in her life?

    • @Asker No she never will and more chances than not if she doesn't consider you the best she will dump you for someone who she believes is better than you later down the line.

      HYPERGAMY. Remember that it's a female nature.

    • I do! It's most certainly possible! Sometimes people have no idea what they're missing out on! She could come to like you the most out of everyone that she's ever met. You can't immediately give up hope just because you're a second option right now. Reminder, this whole thing is still relatively new so there's always a way to change things up. If you simply give up and let her pursue him then it's already over for you without you even giving it a shot! Because you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. You have nothing to lose, and I think that if you work hard for her if you really want her, then you'll get her!

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  • Pump and dump. Don't catch feels and make her work for your commitment. Get sex out of her and then go NC.

    • She is a pretty good looking woman, but she seems stuck to that guy like sh! t to blanket,
      i dont know why women play with guy's feelings and keep them as plan B, such shallow hoes

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  • you can't force love, likeness can be proven in action.

    • What do u think of the current situation?

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    • What is the current situation bro,
      at this moment, she likes him or me?

    • It is clear her attention is on him. But that is not the issue, the issue is on how you behave yourself.

  • You're Plan B, congratulations.

    • So what should i do now?

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    • Ok, i feel betrayed and used and thats why i hate women
      they are like freakin monkeys, they can't leave a branch without having another one to latch on to, bloody b! tches

    • mate you fucking killed me with that monkey analysis LMFAO

  • You're emergency dick.

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