First time meeting my date's brother and his fiancee. Any tips? Is this a good or bad sign?

I invited her to play bowling as an activity. She said she would also ask his brother and his brother's fiancee to join us to make it four of us. This will be my first time meeting them both.

Girls and guys, I would like to ask for tips and reminders so they would have a good impression of me.

And is this a good sign or bad sign? I am thinking this might be a bad sign that she sees me only as a friend that is why she is introducing me to family even if we just dated for 4 times.

Thank you guys for the encouragement. I do not mind treating them bowling actually. But something tells me that his brother might misinterpret it as me showing off? It is most likely they will treat me since there are 3 of them. I was just wondering if I should go in and make sure I pay for all of us.

And we will probably have dinner after. Is it also advisable that I pay for our dinner?


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  • Sorry to say your are wrong it a VERY good sign. She's likes you and wants to see if her family approves. My advise is to treat her they way you would want a guy to treat your sister on a date. Be your self and make sure she is very comfortable and please don't forget to offer to purchase something to eat or drink. Have a great time bowling!!!


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  • It's definitely a good sign! Girls usually introduce only "special" guys to their families. So I advise you to relax and enjoy playing bowling with them!


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  • What? You're logic is flawed. IF you are essentially on a double-date with your girl's brother and fiance'.. I'd say that's a good sign. She wants to know what her brother and his SO think of you.

    • As for the 2nd part... have each couple pay for their meals. Or leave the option open if the brother wants to treat.