What is a good way to ask someone out?

I'm asking this kid I like out on Monday or Tuesday he likes me too so this kid that is a year younger than me likes me and during gym towards the end of the year was talking to his friends and where talking about me when I went to get my locker combo and when I came back one of his friends said oh great she heard us and I was sitting there minding my own business they were saying he wants to go out with you but I thought they were talking to someone else so I just kept to my self

recently I was getting breakfast with my friend and his friends were getting breakfast and were next to me said he wishes he was here mind you I was wearing leggings + boots + croptop kinda shirt + cardigan and I heard them say it so then I was walking to class and he was with his friends walking down the hall the same day and they were staring and said wow I just walked to my class with my friend
when I'm in gym waiting for the teacher to take attendance they stare at me and his friends say go over there and he says no he is like the shy kind of kid who would not just go over to someone and say how they feel and is comfortable in a small group of people
after gym his friends and him hang out In the same area I do well waiting for the bell to ring and once I was walking and I passed them I wanted to get to my buss before it got full and they said there goes your bae or there goes your future girl and their is your girl


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  • Put a collar around his neck and tell him "You're my bitch now"
    Or just politely ask "Do you want to go out with me?"


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  • The usual thing when I was your age was to ask if he already had a girlfriend. But most guys didn't "get it" and would just say no without realizing that you're expressing an interest in them. Some still didn't get it even if you outright told them you liked them and would they like to go out with you. But be persistent and even the densest guy will get it after being asked a few times. I think sometimes they just need to reflect on what happened and what you said before they realize it's you and him that you're talking about and that you're sincere.

    • You are a god.

      Wish more women would understand this. It's only recently I can see the underlying meaning

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  • "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

  • I am now your potential girlfriend. Impress me, peasant.

  • Just get straight to the point. Just ask him to get food or something.

    • Okay thanks I'm doing iit on Monday or Tuesday

  • I would go straight to the point and ask him out for a coffee.

  • this so long i didnot read :P


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